In this episode, I share 9 ways to be Zen throughout your workday.

Everything I share in this episode can be used whether you work from home or go to your job.

There are tons of studies that show we work better when we get our head out of work throughout the day.

Click play below to watch this week’s episode for 9 ways to be Zen throughout your workday that you can start implementing immediately.

Days can get CRAZY! You can wake up and get totally taken on a ride without even knowing what happened!

Don’t let that happen!

Be intentional throughout your day – soak it up and enjoy it! To do this, you have to make conscious choices about how you begin and end your days and what you do in between. It’s so easy to get sucked in, overwhelmed and then totally stressed out!

Here are 9 great ideas to Zen out…

1. Plan your day before your day begins

This practice allows you to sleep better because you have a clear plan of what you’re doing the next day. It keeps you on task, so that you don’t allow random things to snatch you away. It also helps to reduce stress.

2. Start your day with something that feels good

Start your day in a positive way – read your affirmations, read or listen to something inspiring, exercise and/or meditate. All of these things help to raise your vibration – meaning put you in a good mood. We tend to attract similar vibrations, so if you’re feeling good then you tend to attract others who are feeling good.

3. Do something nice for someone else

If you spot a need, take a minute and fill it. It feels good to help out, which in turn, reduces stress. For example, grab someone at work a coffee or call a friend to say you appreciate him or her…just because.

4. Hide your phone

Ok. This can be a tough one! However, studies show that being able to see your phone hinders your ability to focus. Have you had that experience? You hear a notification go off and you instantly grab your phone! Put it away while you’re working even if you’re NOT using it!

5. Take breaks throughout the day

You are not meant to concentrate for long periods of time, so it’s important to take breaks. It has been shown that we actually get more done and do a better job when we take purposeful breaks where we don’t continue thinking about what we were doing. So, watch a quick video, play a game, play your dog, or stand up and move around.

6. Get outside

Go outside and breathe some fresh air and get some sun on your face! Even better, find a patch of grass, take your shoes off and put your bare feet on the earth. This is extremely grounding and re-energizing.

7. Eat high vibe food

Feed your body with nutritious, organic, living food. Don’t eat processed food. We literally are what we eat.

8. Boundaries

Create some boundaries to protect yourself and your relationships. Don’t work all night. Make sure you have some time connect with yourself and the people you care about.

9. End your day like you mean it

Just like you begin your day… end your day on a positive note. Read or watch something uplifting, say the things you’re grateful for, and/or say your affirmations. We take these things into our sleep with us. Put your sleep time to good use and manifest the life you desire.

Start playing with these practices and let me know how it goes!
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