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What is ‘Feminine’?

The Feminine Essence lives inside every woman.

It’s an energetic, empowering and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. When you embody your feminine essence you do not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention you want. You become attractive, radiant, sensual and grounded.

What is Presence?

There are women who walk into a room and are noticed by many. They have an air of confidence about them that is attractive. There are others who frequently comment that “no one remembers I was even there.” One has ‘presence,’ one does not. Presence makes people feel more attracted to you and trusting of you.

How can we be Powerful & Feminine?

In the pursuit of a career or having to take care of so many people around you, it is easy to disconnect from your feminine essence and your personal presence without realizing it. This affects everything. It impacts your ability to attract and keep a passionate lasting love and to attract the clients you deeply deserve to work with. It impacts the state of your health, your self worth and your capacity to create a life you love.


  • Develop a physical and energetic presence that attracts the attention you want – personally and professionally.
  • Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and with receiving positive attention.
  • Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.
  • Be more at ease setting clear boundaries with others.
  • Learn to follow your “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.
  • Look and feel more confident and radiant when you walk into any room.

1-Day Retreat

The Art of Feminine Presence: Align to Elevate

When: Saturday, March 17th

Time: 9am – 5pm

Where: The StarHouse – Boulder, Colorado


Upcoming Class

When: March – Specific Dates TBA

Time: 6:45pm – 8:45pm

Where: Boulder, Colorado



“Kerry is one of the most intuitive and compassionate humans I have had the pleasure of knowing. Kerry and I met as yoga professionals 10 years ago and even before we interacted I was drawn in by her grounded way of being. And I have participated in her presence work, in which she is a very skillful and attentive facilitator. Her ability to understand where someone is and what they need is keen and the way she presents her perspective is very embodied. She truly makes you feel listened to by her manner of showing you presence and how she shares her insight allows you to feel safe and receptive to the potential for growth!”

Annette Bray
Boulder, Colorado


“Kerry is a beautiful and compassionate leader who comes alongside as a witness and guide to your life’s journey as it evolves in beauty, empowerment and arrives at authenticity. I have so valued her beautiful presence in my life.”

Kathleen Eakins
Boulder, Colorado