In this week’s FIRST Badass Soul Session, I share why it’s vitally important that you protect your energy from negative people, places and things.

Most days you will bump up against some kind of “bad energy.” You will hear something terrible that happened on the news. You will have to be around a negative person at work. You will read something in your media feed. You will go a place with strange energy.

Because of this, it’s imperative to be aware of the energy around you, as well as how to cleanse and protect yourself from those energies.

If you allow those energies in on a regular basis, you will find that you may be…

– tired

– short fused

– disconnected from your intuition or higher self

– emotional

Click play below to learn 7 amazing ways to protect your energy.

1. Meditation / Awareness

In my opinion, awareness is the #1 key factor in being able to protect yourself.

In order to cultivate awareness, it’s important to spend time every day connecting to your higher self or your intuition. Even a few minutes a day will help. I always tell my clients that meditation is non-negotiable. That’s because it is the time you get into alignment and connect to source. You intentionally tune into Potential FM. It’s from this place that you know when something or someone around you feels “off.”

2. Expand and contain your energy bubble

You have energy running through you and around you. You have an “energy bubble” that encompasses you on all sides that’s about an arm’s length for your body.

You are the most safe and the most protected when you intentionally expand that bubble to at least arm’s length and then contain it. This way you have the ability to allow in the energy that serves you and repel the energy that doesn’t.

  • More in depth description in the video

3. Take a salt bath

Pour 1-3 cups of Epsom salt into your bath and soak.

Epsom salt is know to soak up negative energy. It also replenishes the levels of magnesium in the body.

You can also add 3-6 drops of essential oil. I protection, I prefer Frankincense, Sandalwood and or Pine.

The yin element of water helps to ground, support and quiet your energy which helps with the expansion.

4. Smudge

Smudging is an incredible ritual to help clear your body or space (living or work) of any negative energy. As you smudge, imagine any negative energy going up with smoke, leaving room for energy that serves you.

5. Crystals

Black Tourmaline is my favorite for all around protection. It helps create an energy field around your energy bubble (or aura).

Smokey Quartz is an amazing grounding and anchoring stone. They are strongly protective and great keep withing your energy bubble. It helps to transmute negative energy by grounding it back into the earth.

6. Cord Cutting Meditation

When you have attachments to other people energy cords are attached. You can even have cords attached to you of people you don’t know. Some cords can bring you down by transmitting negative energy and some can life you up.

We don;t want the cords attached that bring us down. In order to cut these cords, get into a meditative state and invite in any type of guide you would like to help you cut the cord or you can cut the cord yourself. If you call in a guide, Archangel Michael – the protector – is a great one to call in. He carries a giant sword of white light.

Either imagine him slicing through the cord or you can imagine cutting the cord yourself with a pair of golden scissors or a sword. As the cord of cut, imagine that you are no longer connected to the negative, needy energy.

Download Cord Cutting Meditation


7. Love and Joy

The more love and joy you can cultivate in your life, the more you will naturally be protected from negative energy. When you feel love and joy, your energy is naturally expanded and contained. Shine your light and you will entrain others to you! You will transform the negative to positive.


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