In Badass Soul Session #2, I share why it’s important to be aware of what “radio station” you’re tuned into and if it’s not the station you want, how to change the dial.


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On my home from an amazing weekend in Santa Barbara, the windshield of the airplane cracked while we were in the air.

The pilot had to make an emergency landing in LA.

It would have been really easy to allow my external circumstances to pull me out of the expanded, joyous state I was in. I could have easily plummeted into Gloomy FM because I wouldn’t be home until really late or possibly even have to spend the night in LA.

However, that’s not the choice I made.

I get to choose how I want to feel versus my external circumstances choosing for me.

I chose to stay expanded.
I chose to stay in Potential FM.
I chose to act as if I was already on the next plane and headed home.
I chose to keeping repeating, “the transition is going to be easy and smooth.”

And that’s exactly what ended up happening.

I got off the plane and there was another plane waiting two gates away.

There are always going to be things in your external environment that are going to be frustrating, overwhelming, sad, etc, but you have a choice about how you feel and how you want to respond.

I had no control over the windshield, so why not continue to stay expanded and feeling good?

Is there something in your life right now that’s causing you to be tuned into Gloomy or Anxious or Depressed FM?

If so, the fastest way to change the dial is think of something you’re grateful for or to do something that would make you feel just a little bit better in that moment…cuddle with your dog, go for a walk, put on a song that makes you happy, or dance.

It’s important because whatever station you’re tuned into is the station you’re broadcasting, and the station you’re broadcasting is attracting other things of that same frequency into your life.

So, just notice what station you’re tuned into in this moment because you have the choice to shift it at any time.


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