This week’s Badass Soul Session is all about going on a JUDGMENT DETOX!

All of us judge a lot!! I do it. You do it. Humans beings do it!!

So, I want to talk about why you do it, why it’s toxic and keeps you disconnected from your higher self, and how to break the cycle.

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Judging others is a huge reason why you are not aligned.


Because it keeps you separate.

Judgment comes from the ego – the small part of yourself that often feels fear or alone or unsafe. When you feel those types of feeling, you often feel the desire to fight back or make yourself feel better through judging others. It’s an attempt to build yourself back up.

This puts you into a judgment cycle.

  • You don’t feel great about yourself in some way – often a part of yourself that you have disowned.
  • So, you judge someone else (who has that same quality that you dislike about yourself) to make yourself feel better.
  • Then you judge yourself for judging them.
  • And, so, you judge some more.

Basically, you judge others because it’s often easier than looking at your own shit or sense of lack.

This is why it can be so addictive.

Do you know what I mean??

When you avoid your own guilt and pain by projecting it onto others, it’s a great way to numb out…just like drinking, watching TV, or eating.

So, the goal is to break this cycle…this habit or pattern of judging others because when you judge 4 things happen…

  1. You’re placing your attention on what you don’t want, and as you probably know, whatever you place your attention on grows.
  2. You’re not aligned with your higher self, and when you’re not aligned with your higher self, you don’t feel good.
  3. You’re judging a disowned part of yourself. Meaning, what you dislike in someone else is a reflection of something you don’t like in yourself or a wound that you’re not willing to heal.
  4. You’re lowering your energy and vibration. Plus, it will begin to impact you physically as well.

Since those are most likely things that you don’t want in your life, here is a 4-step process to let go of judgment…

  1. Witness You Judgment with Judgment. Be aware that you  are judging and name it without criticizing yourself for judging.
  2. Honor the Wound. Under every judgment is a core wound or disowned shadow. You have to see the “gem” in the wound or shadow.
  3. Release It. Release the judgment to a higher power. You don;t have to completely rely on yourself. When you ask for support, this is a sign to the universe that you’re willing to see things differently, even if you’re not quite sure how to do it. (Some judgments are more challenging to let go of then others)
  4. Choose Again. Choose a new thought by seeing this person or situation through new eyes rather than through the eyes of your past experiences or beliefs or projections.

This means utter self-acceptance, seeing the light in them, and feeling compassion towards yourself and others.

So, the judgement detox begins….

I invite you to begin paying attention to when you are judging. Take an honest inventory, so you can begin implementing these 4 steps and begin shifting from disconnection to connection.

The faster and more frequently you can recognize, honor the wound, release it, and choose again…the better you’ll feel, the more aligned you’ll be, the more connected to your intuition you’ll be, the faster you’ll begin to co-create the life you want to live.

PS. This isn’t easy, so be gentle with yourself!

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