I have become fascinated by crystals, so started I jumped head first into learning more about them. I love the spiritual aspect, but I also wanted to understand the science behind them as well.

This week’s Badass Soul Session is all about the science behind crystals and how they can support you!

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Let’s start by comparing humans to crystals. Human bodies are made up of multiple vibrational frequencies. (Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs)

Hearts have a different vibrational frequency than livers or kidneys or brains – this is what differentiates one from the other and allows them to have their own use.

Also, our frequency is unstable. Meaning, it is easily influenced by our environment. So, for example, if something challenging happens if our lives or if we feel stressed or sad or anxious then our frequency changes.

Crystals also have a vibrational frequency. However, unlike humans, their frequency is extremely stable because they are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating, geometric pattern.

Because they are geometrically “perfect,” at the molecular level, they have the lowest possible state of disorganization. This means their frequency stays the same no matter what is happening in it’s environment.

So, they have the power to influence energy around them.

The more stable energy is, the more powerful it is. It “entrains” the energy around it. Meaning our frequency syncs to the external frequency.

This is why I talk about ALIGNMENT so much!!!! This is why I always share that alignment has to precede action! If we spend more time stabilizing – aligning – our energy then we begin to entrain others to us AND attract what we desire.

Crystals can help to support us when we work in unison with with them.

You have to couple their natural energy with your purposeful and powerful intentions.

To do this…

First get into alignment.

You can doing this by sitting in meditation for a few minutes. Whatever, helps you to start to feel harmonious and in the flow.

Then choose a crystal that resonates with your desired intentions.

That crystal will help amplify your intentions.

So, how do you choose the crystal?

Crystals differ from one another due to their molecular structure, size, thickness, color, etc. Because of these aspects they vibrate at different frequencies.

Color is a great visual cue as to what frequency the crystal is vibrating at.

When you look at a rainbow and see different colors, that’s because each color moves at a certain cycle per second. So, as you move from red to orange, the cycles per second of the wavelength changes.

For example, red has a long wavelength or a low frequency, while violet has a short wavelength and high frequency.






These colors closely align with your chakras. So, if you want to work with a specific chakra, you can choose a crystal by color that matches the color of that chakra.

Or, you can just choose on that you are drawn to.

Your intuition always knows what you need!

Hopefully this has helped to bridge the science and the “woo-woo” of crystals!

One fun experiment you can try is to get 2 glasses of water and a clear quartz crystal. Place the crystal in one oft he glasses for 15 minutes and then do do a side by side taste test. Notice if the crystal changes the vitality of the water! 🙂



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