In this week’s Badass Soul Session I talk about the power of words!

You can either use your words to attract your desires or you can use your words to repel your desires.This is because words carry a great deal of energy and feeling behind them, and as Ester Hicks says, “the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn.”

So, when you say words that have a low vibration, you are attracting other things of a similar vibration and vice versa.

Often the words that come our mouths are very unconscious and habitual, so it’s important to begin paying attention to the words you say, so you can start to intentionally choose words that fit the life you want to live.

Click play below to watch this week’s episode and discover the 7 words that repel what you desire.

If you find yourself saying any of the following words….don’t beat yourself up!!

I am sharing this just so you start to become aware of the words you’re saying. It is only from a place of awareness that you have the ability to make a new choice.

Replace these 7 words to attract what you desire!



This used to be something I said a lot. “I should go work out today.” “I should eat a salad for lunch.” “I should create a sales funnel.” “I should meditate.

Just notice the energy behind the word. There is an energy of resistance and a feeling of shame and guilt.

When you say the word ‘should,’ you are most likely not following your joy, hence, you are not in alignment. When you’re not in alignment, you’re not attracting what you desire.

You can also ‘should’ on other people. “You should save more money.” “You should drink less alcohol.” “You should create a sales page if you want to have a successful program.”

When you place your own expectations on others, it creates resistance, disconnection, and disappointment. When you ‘should’ on others you are expecting someone else to live their life based on your perspective. Plus, you give away your power because your happiness depends on someone else’s behavior……that NEVER works.

Remedy: Replace “I should” with “I choose to” or “I want to.”

When you’re ‘shoulding’ on someone else, shift into being open to other ways of doing things. Look through their eyes.

2. CAN’T

This is a word that leaves no room for possibility. When you say you can’t do something and can’t have something – there is no room to try or dream.

It’s literally a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’

You mind believes what you tell it, so what are you telling it??

Again, it’s important to notice the energy or feeling behind the word. It is a dead end word, so the vibration is very low.

This word is often used out of fear – the fear of failure; however, truly almost anything is possible. I’m positive that you personally know someone or have heard a story of someone doing something inconceivable. That’s because that person believed s/he could.

Remedy: Replace “I can’t” with “I can.” Also remember that you are not on this journey alone. The universe is you partner and is supporting you all of the time.


There is no such thing as an absolute. Similar to ‘can’t,’ these words shut out possibility.

When you shut off possibility, you cut yourself from universal energy and from attracting what you desire.

For example, “I will never find a soulmate” or “I will always be broke.”

Can you feel the energy those words carry??

There is NO room to manifest what you desire because you have already decided with your words…thus your energy…that it is impossible.

Remedy: Remove these words and open your heart to possibility.

5. BUT

The word ‘but’ negates all the words that come before it.

For example, “I gave an amazing speech, but I forgot to say an important part, or “my partner is great with money, but….”

But makes you end your thoughts in a negative / lower vibration.

You want to end on a positive note in order to raise your vibration!

Remedy: Replace but with and. Also, practice ending on a high note.


You are the creator of your life; however, when you use the word ‘hope,’ you give up your power to create.

You are literally waiting for something outside of yourself to create the change.

As soon as you stop hoping and you start KNOWING, you will be amazed at how quickly things begin to shift in your life.

The foundation of law of attraction is knowing in every cell of your being that whatever you desire is already on its way.


Remedy: Replace the word hope with the word know.


I hear this word said a lot. I even find myself saying it without even thinking about it.

“I hate that movie. I hate when it’s this hot.”

When you use the word ‘hate,’ you cut yourself off from appreciation.

When you are seeped in hatred, it’s extremely hard to see the light.

Appreciation is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration  and come into alignment.

Remedy: At the very least, replace the word hate with dislike. Most importantly, when you find yourself going down the “I hate…..,” road, veer off onto the road of appreciation. Write down or say to yourself at least 10 things you’re grateful for.


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