Unique Offerings

Hope Held by a Horse

Hope Held by a Horse provides a safe, positive environment, in the company of horses, to support women with breast cancer to learn, grow, and heal. This one-day experience gives women the opportunity to reclaim a part of themselves that has been lost or diminished through the challenges of breast cancer. Our goal is to provide a place in which they can address fears and express emotional pain. The spiritual connection with horses helps them feel supported, centered, empowered, and able to continue on and thrive. This program is free for its participants.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a powerful means to support your healing process. Being in relationship with a horse allows you to experience an authentic relationship without being concerned with the mental and emotional baggage of another person. They allow you to feel seen, heard, appreciated and validated for who you truly are and not for our roles in society, within the context of your family structure or for your achievements.

Horses’ very survival depends on their strong sense of intuition and ability to perceive inauthenticity in their environment and to react decisively to perceived threat. Because of this, horses provide you with immediate reflection and feedback about how authentically you walk through the world and, in turn, how you affect those with whom you come into contact.

Connect With Me

“At any given moment, you have the power to say… this is not how the story is going to end.”