Who are you…..really?


In this episode, I share that you have the ability to redefine who you are at any moment.

Do you believe that?

When you first came into the world you didn’t have any limiting or restrictive beliefs. You were a blank slate, believing that you could be whoever you wanted to be and do whatever you wanted to do.

Then you began interacting with your parents and friends, you entered school, you were exposed to an unending amount of information on the Internet, and slowly, but surely, you began to believe certain things about yourself.



Last night I was talking to a friend who told me that when he was in high school he had a teacher who often put him down in front of his entire class at times when he was giving a presentation. Because of this experience, for most of his adult life he dreaded speaking in front of people and believed that he wasn’t good at it. He would have a physical reaction any time he thought he may be asked to speak in front of others…sweaty palms, upset stomach, tight muscles.

In his late 50’s he did some group work around this “belief” he had acquired about himself. During this experience, he came to realize that he is actually a really good public speaker and enjoys being in front of others.

Have you ever had an experience like that?

If so, this is the perfect opportunity to reassess whether or not that belief is actually true or not!

Every time you hear yourself saying that you are this or that, ask yourself, “Is that true?”

Am I really an introvert? Am I really a fearful person? Do I really like eggs? Do I really prefer the water to the mountains? Do I really believe that only doctors can heal me? Do I really believe that the world is a scary place?

I grew up with a mom who taught me from a very early age that I was capable of doing anything on my own. In particular, I was capable of traveling by myself, and because of that, I have traveled solo all over the world.

However, someone else may have been told from an early age that the world is a scary place and that a woman shouldn’t travel overseas alone.

Either way, you get to look at your beliefs TODAY and determine what is actually true for you NOW!

So, in every moment, you have the opportunity to decide… Is this really what I believe? Is this really who I am?

You can redefine yourself at any time! Isn’t that a relief?

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