Are you a planner??

In this week’s episode, I share why you sometimes have to be willing to rewrite the plan!

On September 20th my husband and I headed out on 3-week adventure to Europe. Some of you may have been following the trip on Facebook or Instagram, but if not, the trip has been incredible so far!!

We started in Saint Emilion, France for a few days to celebrate our 4-year anniversary and then headed to Portugal. We started in Obidos and then to the Douro Region and then to Porto and then to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

And then something interesting happened.

We threw away the rest of our itinerary for Portugal and rewrote it.

We realized that we had tried to fit too much into the trip, and we were ready to just stay put and chill in one spot.

I find that this can often happen in life and in business. Sometimes you try to fit in too much or maybe you started with a plan and it wasn’t the right plan, and you just have to throw it out!


These last few days have been the best days we’ve had on the trip because we were willing to be flexible and adjust.

Next we are headed to Italy, and we learned from our experience here, in Portugal, that we don’t want to move around a lot, so we are renting a house in the Tuscan countryside for a huge chunk of our time there.

So, here’s the deal…

In my opinion, nothing is ever a ‘failure,’ and you are never a ‘failure’ UNLESS you don’t learn from the experience and do it differently next time.

The times in my life that I have made a mistake have been the best and most memorable lessons I have ever learned.

So, I invite you to take inventory…

Is there anything in your life or your business, right now, that is not working like you would like it to be, but you haven’t rewritten the plan?

And what is keeping you from rewriting the plan?

Let’s see if I can help…

Reasons why you may feel resistant to changing the plan even though it may not be working:

You feel like you’re giving up

  Someone told you that’s the way to do it

  Someone else is doing it that way and they’re having success

  You’d be a failure

  It’s easier to keep doing the same thing even though it’s not working

  Lack of creativity

  There isn’t another option (a creativity issue)

  You’d be admitting to making a mistake

There are so many others, but those are a few. Which of those – there is often one in particular – do you resonate with?

Now that you have an awareness around it, you can work with it and begin to let it go of it because it’s NOT TRUE!

It’s absolutely fine to change something that’s not working and start again.

Just like my trip, it may be the best thing you ever decided to do!


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Question of the week:

What’s a plan in your life or business that you’ve been holding to and want to rewrite?
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